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The School of Leadership Studies wishes to thank Mental Health Recovery Partners - South Island (MHRP-SI) for their engagement as our 2022-1 Winter cohort Leadership Challenge™ sponsoring organization.

The purpose of the Leadership Challenge™ is to create a mutually beneficial learning experience by bringing together a local organization and graduate students in the first year of their Master of Arts in Leadership program. To, we are The School of Leadership Studies thanks, and is grateful to MHRP-SI Chief Executive Officer, Hazel Meredith, BA, MA, and to her team member, Olivia Howard, for their generous commitment of time and voluntary engagement in this learning experience for our students.

MHRP-SI provides virtual and in person services for people with mental illness, regardless of their diagnosis, and for the people who care about them. This includes youth with psychosis, and others with schizophrenia or a mood disorder (bipolar disorder or major depression), and the family members providing support.  MHRP-SI specializes in mental health recovery with people and their family members, whether or not they experience co-occurring substance use. MHRP-South Island (together with two other MHRP chapters in Vancouver Island, Central and North) separated from the BC Schizophrenia Society three years ago, and now offer a full embrace of the national approach to recovery philosophy offered by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and endorsed by the Schizophrenia Society of Canada With us, we offer counselling, education, training and peer support for both family members and people seeking recovery from their own mental health challenge. Join us as we provide hope and support for all.

This learning experience created a precious opportunity for the graduate learners from our 2022-1 MA-Leadership cohort to exercise their competencies and learning in leadership. Learners worked in teams to help MHRP-SI find creative solutions to their organizational challenges based on their readings and their considerable personal experience as mid-career leaders across Canada. The Leadership Challenge focused on how MHRP-SI might meet the growing demand for services in mental health support, recovery, and advocacy, as well as improving the agency’s ability to collaborate across sectors, while maintaining leadership in the mental health arena, and improving their communication about the agency’s successes and impacts.

In her response to our student team presentations, Ms. Meredith stated:

Kindness and heart - Each presentation brought gems, and treasures that are going to be so valuable in nourishing MHRP!”

The Leadership Challenge™ is a cornerstone of the first residency of the Master of Arts in Leadership program. For more information or to inquire about becoming a potential sponsor, please contact us at