Thank you to Dixon Transition Society

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Partners in Leadership Education

The School of Leadership Studies wishes to thank Dixon Transition Society for their engagement as our MAL 2022-3 Leadership Challenge™ sponsoring organization.

The purpose of the Leadership Challenge™ is to create a mutually beneficial learning experience for a local organization and graduate students in the first year of their Master of Arts in Leadership. To create this learning experience, some inquiry with the organizational sponsor is necessary. We are grateful to Monika Verma, Executive Director of the Dixon Transition Society, for her generous commitment of time and voluntary engagement in this activity.

For the past 50 years, the Dixon Transition Society has supported women and children impacted by domestic violence.  The Dixon Transition Society recognizes the societal power imbalances that lead to women being exposed to abuse and violence. They truly understand the dynamics of abuse and its impact on the family and the community. The Dixon Transition Society provides women and children with a fully supportive and non-judgmental environment during their time of need. As facilitators, The Dixon Transition Society sees itself as having a continuing role as educators, advocates, consultants, and catalysts for actively decreasing violence in our community.

Their vision is to create a world where “Women and children are free from violence” their mission is to raise awareness about domestic violence and to provide a continuum of services, including safe housing, support and counselling for women and children impacted by violence.

In response to participating in this activity, Monika Verma, Executive Director of the Dixon Transition Society, stated:

“I am so grateful to Mark Fulton, faculty, and the extraordinary student leaders for accepting the Dixon challenge.  Your support and the tremendous work you provided on our project was invaluable.  Thank you for contributing your ideas. They were extremely insightful and will support Dixon Transition Society move forward.” 

 The Leadership Challenge™ is a cornerstone of the first residency of the Master of Arts in Leadership program. For more information or to inquire about becoming a potential sponsor, please get in touch with us at