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Sport, Leadership and Social Change

Join us for this interactive webinar series as we critically examine how leadership, communication, and sport intersect to influence our culture and impact social change. Recently, sport has been a platform for addressing crises of power, gender, and race, not to mention a global pandemic, and brought into focus a need for change. Political, cultural, humanitarian, and health pressures have challenged the sports community to rethink the role and power of sport within society.

Each episode will aim to shed light on the ways sport can lead, and the ways we can lead through sport today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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Episode 6 - Fostering Diversity and Inclusion In and Through Sport

In this session, we will explore how sport can be both a vehicle for teaching the importance of diversity and inclusion and for battling against stigma, marginalization, and stereotyping. Hosted by Dr. Jennifer Walinga with guest panelists Gololcha Boru, Stephanie Dixon, John Lyall, Marnie McBean, and Carolyn Trono.

Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. (Pacific)


Past episodes

Episode 5 - Human Rights In and Through Sport

There are many examples within sport of human rights challenges including issues of gender and sexuality, performance enhancement, power and politics, accessibility, and social welfare; yet sport can also act as a powerful force for social change. In this session, our host, Dr. Jennifer Walinga is joined by guest panelists Dr. Angela Schneider and Dr. Frank Fowlie.


Episode 4 - Gender Equity In and Through Sport

In this session, we explore the advancement of women’s rights through and within sport. We speak with sport leaders about some of the barriers to women’s representation in sport, the battle to change limiting mindsets, what it takes to tackle unconscious bias and the challenges we see ahead. 


Episode 3 - Sport for Human and Social Development: Whole Athletes, Whole Communities

Sport has the power to shape and inspire not just individuals but whole communities. In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Walinga will be joined by a panel of athletes, researchers, and sport enthusiasts including Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, Krista Van Slingerland, Matt Young, and Tom Hall.


Episode 2 - Women, Leadership, and Sport

Women are scoring victories for equity; however, the stats on representation and resource allocation for women in sport remain dismal. In this session, Dr. Jennifer Walinga discusses with Nancy Hogshead-Makar, a leader in gender equity working to ensure that women have equal access, support, and respect in sport.


Episode 1 - Sport in Society: How Sport Influences Culture and Impacts Social Change

In this session, Dr. Jennifer Walinga, Cath Bishop, and Laryssa Biesenthal explore how sports intersect with social concerns and how political, cultural, humanitarian, and health pressures have challenged the sports community to rethink the role of sport within society, and have brought into focus a need for change in sport values and practice.