Explore our research

Research by faculty and students in the School of Humanitarian Studies covers a wide range of topics. Our faculty each have a research specialty that they currently focus on that you can read about on our Faculty Research page.

On our Student Research page, you’ll be able to see the variety of research work that our students undertake as part of their graduate program. They come from such diverse personal and professional backgrounds that it’s very exciting to see how they apply their learning to their research, with immediate application to real-world problems. To name just a few projects, our students have conducted research  related to building psycho-social resiliency in disaster-affected communities, the effects of PTSD in policing, mitigating the social vulnerability of groups in post-conflict zones, youth and peacebuilding programs, socio-economic development and assessment at home and abroad, micro-credit financing and livelihood improvement. The possibilities seem endless, and it keeps us humble.