About us

Our vision – why?

“In SCC you learn to mind and bridge the gaps.”

At the School of Communication and Culture we believe that a Communication professional must be a multi-faceted conduit, hub and link who can foster high quality human connections and leverage communication channels, mechanisms and processes to achieve human, social, and organizational transformation.

Our values – what?

We respect and value the interculturalism and diversity of our community because it supports collaborative growth which enables us to achieve and enjoy quality education and leads to more sustainable practice.

Our mission – how?

By being a sustainable, connected and responsive learning community, we have the capacity to support and develop lifelong learners and global citizens who have the communication tools to navigate change and diversity, think critically and creatively, and collaboratively solve systemic problems within their professional and community contexts.

Our competency domains (theory, skills, values)

  • Learning to know: Communication theory and knowledge
  • Learning to do: Communication and technology skills
  • Learning to live together: Appreciation for diversity and interdependence
  • Learning to be: Human interaction and reflection skills
  • Learning to transform oneself and society: Research, facilitation, problem solving and creativity skills