Sandy Balascak

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

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My tailored program allows me to integrate learning and technology into my classroom.

“I completed my residencies with the MA in Learning and Technology program, and the experience was fantastic. The residency provided an incredible network to draw from, with students from across Canada and around the world; these new perspectives were invaluable to my program. The instructors during the residency complemented each other well to deliver a great balance of styles: one was an experienced professor/researcher and another had extensive, real-world experience to share. We were on campus in the summer and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Having such a diverse cohort – we had people from public schools, colleges, healthcare and more – brought a great mix of experience that added further value to the program, and the ability to come together and work as a team during the on-campus residency allowed us to gel once we were working on the online components of our program. These factors created a great sense of support and the feeling that we were in it together.”