Runa Das

Associate professor, Doctor of Social Sciences

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Runa Das is an associate professor and core faculty member in the Doctor of Social Sciences program. Her work is motivated by real world issues such as climate change and sustainability. In particular, her interdisciplinary research explores the assessment and practice of environmental and social sustainability with a specific focus on energy-related issues. She examines the human dimensions and determinants of energy use, energy literacy, environmental and energy justice and pro-environmental behaviour change. She asks questions like: Why do we use energy the way we do? Does knowing more about the production and distribution of energy change how we use it? Is there fair and equal access to energy in society? And how can we best encourage pro-environmental behaviour change? As a quantitative methodologist, Runa is passionate about teaching social statistics and research design.

Das invites prospective graduate students or those interested in pursuing similar research topics to contact her.


Before joining Royal Roads, Das conducted postdoctoral research at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies at York University. At the centre, Runa worked with a team of researchers to explore the innovations being offered by Ontario organizations to assist energy users with their pro-environmental behaviours.

She has received funding from many agencies and organizations for her research including both the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


PhD in Environmental Applied Science and Management

Ryerson University

Master of Arts in Psychology

York University

Bachelor of Arts (honours)

Carleton University

Bachelor of Science

Mount Allison University


Teaching award

From the Learning and Teaching Office at Ryerson University

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