Michael Young


Director, School of Humanitarian Studies

Program head, Master of Arts in Justice Studies

Humanitarian Studies

Dr. Michael Young is the director of the School of Humanitarian Studies, and program head for the Master of Arts in Justice Studies. Since joining Royal Roads in 2008, Dr. Michael Young’s research interest in social and criminal justice has expanded to addictions and mental health and homelessness. Theoretically, he emphasizes phenomenological approaches in research and believes that the solution to vexatious social problems can be achieved only with the involvement of the people experiencing those problems. Young includes community-based solutions in this research and is particularly interested in NIMBYism and societal reaction to policy and program development to address social problems. 



Young’s research agenda includes both theoretical and applied perspectives. His research on a therapeutic community in Victoria for homeless persons with addictions included the theoretical orientation and program implementation in a community-based setting. Young’s research in the western Canadian Arctic examined the gaps in services for homeless persons and the evaluation of an emergency warming centre developed to serve this small population, many of whom struggle with addictions and mental health problems.

Young has completed certificates and training related to his current research on homelessness and concurrent disorders. 


PhD under Special Arrangements

Simon Fraser University

Master of Arts in Criminology


Bachelor of Arts in Criminology


Diploma in Criminology