Giovanni Malcolm

Associate faculty

Leadership Studies
Tourism & Hospitality Management

My work is centred around building memorable experiences for tourists from all over the world and using a team of people to make these travellers dreams become true. As such, I became curious about how to retain millennials in the tourism industry, which led to my research on millennials’ retention in the tourism industry. My research revealed that too often we have an unconscious bias towards different generation, which thwarts our interactions, by going in with pre-conceived notions. The research allowed me to dig deep, open up and allow for other possibilities.


My working experience started in banking, and spiralled into sales, project management, change management, and consultancy, where I identified loopholes in sales and distribution teams and plugged those holes, resulting in higher efficiencies. I am most proud of working with diverse teams with people from different backgrounds and orientation, which has allowed me to have a global view on how I relate.

I have the following certifications:

  • Certified Change Management Practitioner (Prosci, USA, 2016)
  • Scrum Agile Certified (Scrum Alliance, Jamaica, 2016)
  • Advanced Certificate of Competence in Workforce Training and Development (JPS Learning Academy, Jamaica and Delaware State University, USA, 2017)
  • Techniques and Practices of Project Management (PMGI, 2016)


Master of Arts in Tourism Management

Royal Roads University

Business Administration degree

University of Technology, Jamaica

Management Studies diploma

Jamaican Institute of Management, Jamaica