Deb Morrison

Associate faculty

Environment & Sustainability

Dr. Deb L. Morrison works at the intersection of justice, climate science and learning. She is a climate and anti-oppression activist, scientist, learning scientist, educator, mother and locally elected official, among other things. Morrison works in partnerships from local community to international scales. She draws on an eclectic range of justice theory to inform her work in the world and to foster her continued journey for transformative liberation. She fosters collaborative writing partnerships across disciplines and communities that have historically been disconnected. Information about Morrison's work can be found at


A few of Morrison's roles in the world include as a Learning Scientist at the University of Washington, an adviser to the Smithsonian Education Office, founder of CLEAR Environmental and a leader within the UNFCCC Climate ECOS community. She is an official observer and active participant in the UNFCCC ACE (Action for Climate Empowerment) program, the Facilitative Working Group of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform and the PCCB (Paris Committee on Capacity-Building) Network.

Morrison holds degrees across fields. Her BSc in geography (1992) honours thesis explored coastal zone management related to pulp and paper mill pollution. Her MSc in plant and environmental sciences (2002) published scientific research related to biogeochemical cycling in forest ecosystems heavily impacted by atmospheric nitrogen pollution. Morrison's doctoral work in science education (2015) explored student voice, critical race consciousness and climate education supports for educators. She has extensive justice and climate focused research-practice-policy design collaborations.

An up to date list of Morisson's publications and policy work can be found on her living vita.