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Alice MacGillivray


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Leadership Studies, Environment and Sustainability


Dr. Alice MacGillivray specializes in leadership and learning in complex, knowledge-intensive environments. She has researched communities of practice, informal learning, work with boundaries and the relationships between leadership and complexity theory. MacGillivray has published more than 15 peer-reviewed chapters and journal articles in publications such as The Learning Organization, Emergence: Complexity and Organization, and Challenging Organizations and Society: reflective hybrids®. She has spoken at international conferences including AACE E-Learn, the International Society for the Systems Sciences and the Society for the Social Studies of Science. MacGillivray sits on the editorial board of the International Journal of Complexity in Leadership and Management.


In her consulting work, MacGillivray's clients have included the auditor general of British Columbia, the research arm of the Canadian Military and the Canadian Parks Council. She has leadership and management experience with Canadian public sector organizations including B.C. Ministries of Education and Environment, Lands and Parks as well as Alberta Parks and Parks Canada. She joined Royal Roads in 2000 working with an advisory board to develop and deliver graduate programs in knowledge management. 


MacGillivray holds a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems with a concentration in Media, Technology and Innovation (2009), a Master of Arts in Human Development (2007) and a Graduate Diploma in Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement (2008) all from Fielding Graduate University. She also holds a Master of Arts Leadership from Royal Roads University (2000). MacGillivray is certified to deliver cognitive edge, instructional skills and facilitator development workshops. Academic awards include Athabasca Governing Council Scholarship, Dean’s Lists and a Doctoral Scholarship at Fielding Graduate University. Professional awards including recognition from a cabinet committee.