Warm weather workouts to put a spring in your step

Forest trail

With warmer temperatures and more daylight hours, it’s the perfect time to take your exercise routine outdoors. Patti Walsh, manager of the Royal Roads Recreation Centre, offers up some tips to keep your springtime activities fun, safe and engaging.

“Every season is beautiful on campus,” Walsh says. “I’ve been running the trails and walking the beach for fifteen years, and there’s always something new in nature to see.”

Trail Time

Nature trails are a great outdoor activity for new and seasoned hikers alike. Campus trails offer a variety of options – from flat trails near the Sherman Jen building to the hilly Charlie’s Trail, spectacular scenery is everywhere you look. Download a trail map and plan your next nature walk.

En Plein Air Exercise

Who says you need to be inside a studio to stretch? Take your yoga mat outside and practice under blue skies. If you’re feeling self-conscious, bring a friend or two along and make it a social activity.

Without Walls

Warmer weather makes it possible to place exercise equipment outside, adding the benefits of fresh air and connection with nature to your activity. If you don’t have a spot for an outdoor gym, the Recreation Centre has got you covered. They place rowing machines outdoors and set-up pop-up pickleball courts for members during the spring and summer months.

Equipment Exchange

Don’t own exercise equipment? No problem. Mother Nature has all the elements you need. Don’t believe us? See how the beach offers Rec staff all the materials they need to workout:

Fitness Fun

Gamify your workout to keep you and your workout buddies entertained. Consider organizing a scavenger hunt that has you racking up your 10,000 steps while solving clues. If clues aren’t your thing, try making a list of five plants or wildlife you hope to see — it’ll help you focus on nature while you’re on your morning run. Introducing new and novel things into your exercise can make tired routines feel fresh and new.


If outdoor exercise is not your cup of tea, the Recreation Centre is open year round with access to classes, basketball and badminton courts, as well as a variety of exercise equipment. If you’re new to gym workouts, staff is happy to give you a new member orientation. Memberships are available for community members and at reduced rates for students, faculty and staff. Patti, who has worked at the Rec Centre for 15 years, will be there to welcome you when you arrive. Take a tour of the Rec Centre.

“My favourite part of the job is meeting people from all over the world,” Walsh says. “The connections that get made at the recreation centre are so special. I’ve seen our students bond with members of the community and form close friendships. That’s the power of sport, it brings people together.”


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