Slick on flood preparedness amid pandemic

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Emergency preparedness expert Assoc. Prof. Jean Slick was interviewed by The Narwhal about how communities can prepare for the possibility of flooding amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is an excerpt:

Jean Slick, head of Royal Roads University’s disaster and emergency management program, said it’s a matter of adapting existing flood response plans for the pandemic. 

That may mean setting up virtual emergency operation centres and making sure you have back-ups in place in case emergency responders or volunteers fall ill. It means adapting sandbagging efforts to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and finding ways to house displaced families that respect the need for physical distancing. 

“The benefit of an emergency management organization is that you have a culture and a way of thinking that is conducive to creative problem-solving to deal with these kinds of things,” Slick said. 

“It makes it more complex, but it also shows you how we can adapt and be resilient.”

The story appeared in The Narwhal.