RRU instructor's inspiring talk on returning to school mid-career featured on global stage

Candice Neveu talking on stage at TEDx Royal Roads.

Who has a changemaking idea worth spreading? 

According to the non-profit media phenomenom TED, Candice Neveu does. 

The Professional and Continuing Studies instructor and life coach's talk on how to succeed at school when you return mid-career has been selected to be featured on the global stage of TED.com.

What's the idea? 

“While most mature students think they need to build more skills to do better in school, the thing they really need to build is their mindset,” Candice explains in the intro to her video, which was a part of TEDxRoyalRoadsU

Watch to find out how "the right mindset will speed up your learning and skill building, boost your confidence, and bring you the academic success you seek."

Interested in being involved in future TEDx events?

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Learn more about courses Candice Neveu teaches in Professional and Continuing Studies including  Intro to Academic Writing and Critical Thinking. You can also request more information