President Steenkamp: 'Sorry' isn’t enough

In a Vancouver Sun opinion, Royal Roads University President & Vice-Chancellor Philip Steenkamp says that for an apology to be meaningful, it requires five things.

Here is an exeprt:

"Responsibility, remorse, respect, restitution and reform — this makes for a full, genuine apology."


"Make no mistake, words themselves can have tremendous healing power. But even beautiful, moving, compassionate words can only open doors.

"Our political leaders’ apologies are vital to our shared future. The Pope’s apology to Indigenous communities last month was truly historic. Yet as Indigenous leaders and communities made clear, and as Pope Francis to his credit acknowledged, it’s the action from the apology that can bring lasting healing and build reconciliation.

"Saying sorry is the easy part. The real work begins with what comes next."

Read the full opinion in the Vancouver Sun.