President Steenkamp: Happy Asian Heritage Month!

Today is the first day of Asian Heritage Month – and I couldn’t be happier (it shows, I think) than to kick off the celebrations with some special guests. Joining me in my video this week were Student Engagement Associate Prapti Yadav, and students Ambrosia Wang and Neeti Khullar, who reflected about the importance of their heritage and this month.

I first met Prapti when she was a student here, and we did a “welcome back to campus” video for international students. And you’ll see that while our outfits may have changed, our outlooks haven’t: diversity brings new perspectives, innovation and joy. 

Throughout May, we’ll be celebrating and recognizing the contributions of people of Asian descent in our university community and beyond. On May 31, we’ll host Canada Research Chair in South Asian Literary and Cultural Studies Dr. Asma Sayed for a conversation facilitated by Associate Director, Human Rights and EDI Alejandro Campos Garcia. Stay tuned for details.

Please do visit Royal Roads’ Asian Heritage Month webpage to hear more from the voices in the video and others, including student May Thincho, and to find community events and educational resources put together by the RRU Library.