Hilton on the power of Indigenous business

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Royal Roads adjunct professor, Indigenomics Institute CEO and author Carol Anne Hilton joined host Hayley Woodin and guest host Chastity Davis-Alphonse on the Business in Vancouver podcast to discuss her new book ‘Indigenomics: Taking A Seat at the Economic Table’.

Here’s some of what Hilton had to say:

“Indigenomics is modern Indigenous economic design. It is essentially about revaluing Indigenous knowledge systems around economy. Those knowledge systems that have existed for thousands and thousands of years, and that have allowed our people to be resilient and to be able to create economies today, and to be able to establish our Indigenous economic strength today and in our future.

“I like to start with resilience, recognizing our strength as people, to be able to determine and establish that we are powerful people. We are economic powerhouses today… As a country and as regions we need to be able to build from a new truth, and that truth is to recognize that the development of Canada was established on systemic Indigenous economic exclusion. To be able to recognize that today and to build a new story from that. Indigenous people have already begun to build the foundation of a new story.”

Listen to the entire conversation at Business in Vancouver.