Casavant on BC police reform

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With the release of the B.C. Legislature’s Special Committee for Reforming the Police Act, Assoc. Faculty and Royal Roads’ alum Dr. Bryce J. Casavant argues special provincial constables, such as conservation officers, must be considered if the province moves to a provincial police force, in an opinion piece published in The Times Colonist.

Here is an excerpt:

“It is noteworthy that the committee chose not to provide comment on the special provincial constabulary services in the province (although many submissions were received). Special provincial constables provide a wide array of unique policing services, including environmental and protective operations.

“Should the province adopt the committee’s recommendations and shift towards the re-establishment of a provincial police force, it is essential that the province’s current special constabulary is included and considered in the statutory policing discussions to come.”

Read the full piece in The Times Colonist.