Karan Wadhwani

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

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The program provided greater confidence and made me more aware of what I want.

“The Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management at Royal Roads University is for working professionals. You’ll work hard, but you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll make friendships that last a lifetime.And you’ll gain the ability to achieve more.

At RRU, you’re not instructed on what to learn – you’re taught how to learn, based on your own terms. Each quarter, we reviewed what we had accomplished, then took a moment to reflect on what could be done differently. This exercise helped me be self-aware: more willing to look back and find out what I could have done better and how to use this awareness to move forward. I have the right business tools now, and I know the value of what I’ve learned.

Since completing the program, I’ve explored my interest in the entertainment side of business and I’ve been able to create and work on projects that focus on public speaking, engagement, connections, and story telling – all interests that came out of attending RRU.”