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Emergency funding

Pending availability of funding, this bursary is offered to students with unforeseen emergency need on an as-needed basis. A qualified candidate has exhausted all other funding resources and opportunities, does not have the means to repay an emergency loan, has reasonable but critical financial need (e.g. $2,000 or less will "save" the student), and has earned a satisfactory academic standing.

Emergency funding is not intended to assist with the regular cost of living or predictable educational expenses.


  • financial need is a result of an unforeseen circumstance
  • has exhausted all other financial resources
  • progressing satisfactorily in the program
  • has no outstanding debt to the university

How to apply

Complete the Emergency Funding application and submit to RRU's Financial Aid and Awards office.

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis and the selection committee will determine the appropriate type of emergency funding to offer, depending on individual circumstances and how much funding is available.

Allow roughly three weeks for the application to be reviewed and funding issued, if approved.