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About the university

Driven by the university motto of "Truth, Creation, and Service", the University of Seoul (UOS) has fostered talents that are essential for the Korean society for 100 years. Located in Seoul, a vibrant city steeped in culture and history, UOS is only a short distance from ministries, museums, palaces, theatres, and financial markets. According to 2015 report from The Times Higher Education, UOS ranked 7th among the all Korean universities and 49th among all the Asian universities. UOS has the lowest student-faculty ratio, the highest financial investment per student, and the highest rate of scholarship recipients in South Korea. 


Seoul, South Korea

Course information

 Institute of International Cooperation and Education 


Most international students are either staying at the Student Dormitory or the International House. Several off-campus housing options can also be recommended.

Scholarship opportunities

  • University of Seoul Student Exchange Support Scholarship

For the exchange students of spring and fall semesters, UOS provides a monthly stipend to the students whose home universities agree to support UOS exchange students reciprocally.

  • Global Korea Scholarship

The National Institute for International Education (NIIED) is offering Global Korea Scholarship for those who are exchange students applying for the student exchange program at the University of Seoul. The Scholarship provides a one-time settlement stipend (200,000 won), 800,000 won per month, insurance and airfare. University of Seoul will make a recommendation to NIIED and the final decision on the granting of the scholarships is done by NIIED.

Additional information

UOS's Institute of International Cooperation and Education

Academic calendar

Spring semester: March - June

Fall semester: September -  December

For exact dates, see the Academic Calendar.

Language of instruction

  • English
  • Korean