Integrating work & learning

Through internships or practicums, students spend time with an employer as part of their studies. Students bring energy, commitment and new skills to the workplace while they learn more about their field.

Work integrated learning is an important three-way partnership between the university, the student and the host employer.


Interns are welcomed into an organization as a paid employee either on site or remotely. They receive mentorship from a supervisor at the host organization.

The length of the internship depends on each program's requirements. Typically, they are 420 hours and last from 12 weeks to six months.

For more information read the internship overview and have a look at the internship contract.


Practicum students volunteer at an organization and fulfill predefined professional responsibilities under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

The length of a practicum depends on each program's requirements. Most take place over 75 to 100 hours.

For more information read the practicum overview and have a look at the practicum contract.

For students

You'll learn everything you need to know about internships and practicums in your program. If you'd like to see what's ahead, read about what you can do to prepare for your internship or practicum and check out the award and contest opportunity.

For employers

Internship and practicums provide employers with a great opportunity to engage with students, who contribute their skills and experience to professional settings.

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