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Section 1: Credit and Registration

Fair dealing is a legal concept present in the Canadian Copyright Act that states that certain types of uses are 'fair;' these types of uses do not require permission from the copyright owner, and are not considered to be an infringement of copyright. The uses regarded as 'fair' in the Act are: research, private study, criticism, review, news reporting, education, parody and satire.  For more information, please see Royal Roads University's Fair dealing policy.  Faculty and/or students that plan to use any copyrighted materials, in any format, as part of their teaching and learning activities in the classroom or for distance education may be required to obtain prior permission, in writing, from the copyright owner or publisher. Violation of the copyright law is a punishable offense. It is strongly recommended that permissions be arranged in conjunction with the university copyright office. For further information, contact the copyright officer at 250-391-2652 or by e-mail,