Christine Bhopalsingh

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

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True growth happens when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.

I sought higher education as a means to compliment and accentuate the knowledge, skills, and experience I’d earned throughout my career. The Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching program came highly recommended by professional colleagues, and I appreciated that Royal Roads University offered a unique focus with a higher value on life experience.

I was in the grips of a personal transformation when I began the program. The course highlighted the continual need to work on myself and go within. Change is the only constant, and building resilience allows for easier navigation through life’s storms.

The online model with on-campus residencies was a good blend. I enjoyed the varied backgrounds of my cohort, and as an artist, the “trusting the process” concept spoke to me. I found value in each residency and recognized the need to forge long-lasting bonds. As a result, I’ve made lifelong friendships.

I loved the instructors, even though the level of vulnerability they demonstrated initially terrified me, only because it’s an area most people shy away from.

In my current organization we will continue to draw on developmental- and managerial-focused methodologies. Our partnership with RRU will be continuous, as we appreciate the outcomes achieved through these programs.”