Christina Bucholtz

Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration and Leadership

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The cohort model was the ultimate strength of this program.

“I was searching for programs I could do online while working in Sierra Leone, and discovered the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration and Leadership program at Royal Roads University. Before I applied, I asked a friend about her experience with this program, and her response was all I needed; she said it focused on professional development as well as personal change.

I chose Royal Roads because I felt the online delivery, combined with the summer residency, fit my hectic life. Living abroad limited my ability to travel, and RRU seemed like a perfect fit. The model of the program was exactly what I wanted: a focus on higher education with an international perspective.

Learning about leadership from an educational perspective made me evaluate my choices, my decisions, and my current leadership strategy, and by the end of the two weeks of residency I felt fully transformed. I feel much more self-aware and capable of leading my organization at a higher personal and professional level, and confident that I not only have the skills necessary to change the world, but my desire and passion to do so have deepened because of my classmates, professors, and the program itself.”