Chris Locker

Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies

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My degree is not only prestigious, but life changing.

"During my career as an arborist, I frequently dealt with conflict situations between private and commercial stakeholders and municipal bylaw agents. Although I was able to handle many situations, I could not help but wonder how a professional justice degree could assist in my professional development. 

Royal Roads and the Justice Studies program exceeded my expectations and my campus experience was second to none – not to mention the beautiful setting. Before starting the program, I envisioned myself learning some great alternative dispute resolution techniques and gaining a solid understanding of the Canadian justice system; however, I was in for much more. The curriculum does provoke a degree of self-assessment and does reveal some very interesting insights along the way. Because of this, I feel my outlooks are more analytical and I find myself reflecting on the curriculum I learned and applying that to new information in my life. My degree is not only prestigious, but life changing.”