Bevona Bynum

Master of Arts in Leadership

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A portrait of Bevona Bynum

I am now an effective organized leader with discipline, logic, and a clear vision.

“My career began in operations in the retail sector, leading to Human Resources for roughly 20 years. I am currently in a senior Human Resources position, working with the ownership, board of directors, and CEO on strategies to build bridges between the people and operational needs of the business.

I chose the MA in Leadership program at Royal Roads University because I am a lifelong learner with the desire to enrich and improve my leadership skills while obtaining knowledge on how to be more effective through organizational change.

The cohort learning model was great; it truly added value to my experience and complemented my learning, and was very representative of the business world. The on-campus residency provided immense value to the program and was an essential component of the learning process. Online learning was not new to me, but the delivery format employed by the program was, and I now cannot imagine online learning any other way. 

As a result of my program, I now think differently and my actions take the entire system into consideration. I am now an effective organized leader with discipline and logic, a clearer vision, and decisive action. ”