Approval of external transfer credit

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Section 1: Credit and Registration

An undergraduate or graduate student may apply to receive external transfer credit, subject to the approval of the dean and the registrar, towards a credential at Royal Roads University for appropriate courses at the same academic level completed prior to admission. To receive this previously earned credit, the coursework must normally have been completed within the program completion times allowed for the Royal Roads University program, or as approved by the appropriate dean. The credit for this coursework may or may not have been applied toward the requirements for a previously completed credential, as outlined in these regulations, or when this is explicitly permitted in the program requirements approved by Academic Council or outlined in a formal agreement with an external partner institution.

Pre-approval of credit transfer for Royal Roads University students completing courses elsewhere

An undergraduate or graduate student may apply for transfer credit toward a credential at Royal Roads University for courses at the same academic level completed at another university while enrolled at Royal Roads University. To receive transfer credit, the following conditions apply: 

  1. Application for ‘pre-approved credit transfer,’ known as a request for a 'letter of permission' at many Canadian post-secondary institutions, shall normally be made at least one month before the course or courses start and shall be approved by the program head and the appropriate dean and the registrar.
  2. The student must be in good standing and shall maintain normal enrolment at Royal Roads University (i.e., cannot normally be on a personal or medical leave) while completing the course or courses at another university under these provisions. 

Minimum grade required for external transfer credit

The minimum grade required for coursework completed elsewhere and accepted for transfer credit is a B for graduate level studies or a C for undergraduate level studies, because the grade achieved will not be included in the calculation of the program-based grade point average. Credit granted for transfer credit must be approved by the program head, the dean, and the registrar.