Approval to complete a second undergraduate degree

Regulation type
Section 1: Credit and Registration

Students who have a bachelor’s degree (either from Royal Roads University or another university) can apply to complete a second degree at the same level, and will be assessed for admission according to the requirements in place for the second degree program. Students admitted to a second undergraduate degree completion program must complete all program requirements, normally at least 60 credits; the amount of credit that may be transferred from the first degree to the second cannot exceed the limits outlined in the academic regulations.

Exceptions may be made for formal internal combined or joint degrees or for external dual or joint degrees; in these cases no more than 50 percent of the third and fourth year credits may be transferred in from another program to account for “overlapping” content. The standard regulations on transfer credit, and challenge for credit apply. A student enrolled in such a second degree program is subject to the standard maximum allowed time to completion for an undergraduate degree completion program; the clock for each of the two programs runs independently.