Approval to complete a non-joint concurrent undergraduate or graduate

Regulation type
Section 1: Credit and Registration

Students who are currently registered in an undergraduate or graduate program at Royal Roads University can apply to complete a second program at the same level concurrently, provided (1) the amount of credit to be transferred from either program to the other does not exceed the limitations outlined in the academic regulations, and (2) the research performed for each of the programs is either completely new or the research performed for one of the programs builds upon the research performed for the other program in a new way. A student enrolled in such a second program is subject to the standard maximum allowed time to completion, and the clock for each of the two programs runs independently.

Before a current student is allowed to apply to and enrol in a second non-joint program concurrently, both the original program of enrolment and the new program being applied to must be informed of, and must approve, this concurrent study plan, which is also subject to the approval of the appropriate dean or deans. Concurrent study of this kind may often be discouraged, because of the workloads required in each individual program. The maximum allowed time to completion for each of the two programs remains in place independently, and no extensions will be given due to being registered in more than one program. Notwithstanding this, a student may choose to apply for a personal leave from one of the programs while completing requirements for the other program, though time spent on personal leave will continue to count towards the maximum time to completion allowed in each case.