How to submit supporting documents

Sending your supporting documents

Once you've submitted your online application, send your supporting documents.

Supporting documents may include:

  • résumé
  • personal statement
  • reference letters
  • writing sample
  • official transcripts

For most programs you will need to include specific information or address specific questions. Review your program-specific admission requirements to make sure you send the required documents, with the correct information, in the right way.

Once we receive your documents, they become property of Royal Roads University. We will not forward them to third parties.

We will return original transcripts if it is confirmed that it is not possible to obtain official replacement copies. We can also copy or return any documents that you create, such as résumé, personal statements, writing samples and portfolios. You will be responsible for any associated costs.

To protect your privacy, we will destroy any documents we receive within 30 days if they are not connected with an active application. After an application is closed or cancelled, we destroy any related documents and files after one year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to an extremely high volume of international applications, admission decisions are taking significantly longer than anticipated. We are working to address the application backlog, and we appreciate your patience. Please refer to MyAdmin for updates on your application status, and please refrain from resending email messages as this only adds to the number of messages we are processing. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

Also note that in keeping with the Learning, Teaching & Research Model applicants must show the potential to work in a collaborative, respectful manner with staff, faculty and students. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission, and the university reserves the right to deny any applicant. Abusive or disrespectful correspondence from applicants will not be tolerated.

How to submit résumés, personal statements, statements of intent and research proposals

You can send these documents by any method you prefer. We’ll accept them by email, regular mail, confidential fax or any other method that gets them safely to us. These documents cannot be uploaded through MyAdmin.

How to submit reference letters

The person who wrote your reference letter needs to send it directly to us. They must send it from a verifiable email address (e.g., professional letters from a corporate domain, academic references from an institutional domain).

Reference letters must:

  • be program specific
  • be written in English or provided with a certified translation
  • be dated within six months of the application
  • be signed by the original author
  • include a contact phone number for the original author

Many programs require that reference letters be written by academic and/or professional referees. However, please refer to your program-specific information for details. Letters authored by family members or friends will typically not be accepted.

How to submit official transcripts

There are four ways to send us your official transcripts:

  • request that your institution send them directly to us by mail (in an official, university envelope)
  • have them sent to us directly through the institution’s recognized electronic transfer service, if available (e.g. MyCreds, Parchment)
  • submit them to us yourself, provided that they remain in the sealed (unopened) envelope issued to you by your institution’s Registrar’s Office. If opened, they will be considered unofficial and you will be required to provide another sealed copy
  • have your institution send us a copy of your transcripts through fax or email, provided they come directly from the Registrar's Office at a recognized Canadian or international institution, and through a verifiable email address

If your original documents are not written in English, we need a literal (word-for-word) certified translation. For more information, visit the country-specific document requirements and credential comparability page.

How to submit a claim of permanent resident or Convention refugee status

If you are claiming permanent resident or Convention refugee status in Canada, you must:

  • show proof of resident status by providing a copy (front and back) of your Permanent Resident Card (PR Card)
  • submit a copy of this card by email, mail or fax
  • show the original card when you arrive at Royal Roads University

How to submit a portfolio

If your program asks you to submit a portfolio as part of your application:

  • save your documents in a digital format
  • send your files on a disk or flash drive

Where to submit documents

Canadian citizens, permanent residents and Convention refugees

Canadian citizens, permanent residents and Convention refugees should submit documents to:

Royal Roads University
2005 Sooke Road
Victoria, BC Canada
V9B 5Y2
Email: admissions [at] royalroads [dot] ca
Fax: 250.391.2623

International applicants

International applicants should submit documents to:

Royal Roads University
2005 Sooke Road
Victoria, BC Canada
V9B 5Y2
Email: international [dot] admissions [at] royalroads [dot] ca
Fax: 250.391.2623