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Remuneration and insurance

Most forms of experiential learning require students to go off-campus to work, job shadow or conduct on-site research. Standards and processes must be considered for each experiential learning opportunity to ensure everyone's safety and equality.

Employers and community partners are required to follow provincial employer standards when hiring students for co-op positions and internships, this includes equitable salaries and Worksafe insurance. 

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If a student is injured while on a paid or unpaid work term:

  1. The student will immediately notify their host/employer supervisor to record the accident.

  2. The host/employer will follow WorkSafe BC or their provincial reporting guidelines.

  3. The student or host will immediately reach out to their Career Learning and Development Advisor or course instructor.

Confidentiality and intellectual property

Hosts will review confidentiality, non-disclosure or intellectual property agreement forms with their students.  All forms will be managed and housed by the host according to the employment contract processes and human resources records


As a WIL host, your organization may be eligible for funding to hire students through these programs:

Online resources

Contracts & overviews