Teaching workshops

Find CTET workshops to develop your skills and strategies for teaching online, in person or in blended learning environments.

All workshops are available for free to Royal Roads University faculty and staff. Contact us to receive a discount code for registration.


Facilitating Academic Teamwork at Royal Roads

Focused on building an understanding of RRU teamwork skills and competencies framework, establishing optimal conditions for team collaboration, and addressing student team challenges. This course is delivered online over four weeks. 

Learn about Facilitating Academic Teamwork at Royal Roads  


Facilitating Learning Online - Fundamentals

Focused on developing teaching skills for asynchronous online learning. This course is delivered online over five weeks.

Learn about Facilitating Learning Online - Fundamentals

Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

Focused on developing teaching skills for face-to-face learning. This is an intensive three-day workshop delivered on campus.

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Intercultural Foundations for Education (IFE)

Focused on developing intercultural teaching and learning competencies This course is delivered online over four weeks.

Learn about Intercultural Foundations for Education

Pedagogical Values Series

An ongoing series designed to support exploration of the values that inform Royal Roads University's Learning, Teaching and Research Model. Each one-hour micro-session is offered with live-streaming for off-campus participants.

Learn about the Pedagogical Value Series

Successful Team-Based Learning

Designed to support participants in developing skills for facilitating and supporting team-based learning, this course is offered online over 4 weeks.

Learn about Successful Team-Based Learning

Teaching Synchronously

Focused on developing skills for teaching interactively online using synchronous web-conferencing platforms. This workshop is delivered synchronously online in two 90-minute sessions. 

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