Other training opportunities

In addition to our suite of classic teaching workshops and technology workshops, you can also find other training opportunities offered by CTET. These include the following:

  • self-paced courses
  • self-study resources
  • on-demand training
  • custom workshops

Self-paced resources

Find self-study resources on our Open Education Resources (OER) Moodle site. These resources are freely available for anyone to access.

On-demand training

We offer the following workshops and courses on demand. We can deliver training remotely or on campus, and we can adapt material for individuals or groups.

Zoom crash course

This 30 to 45-minute session provides a basic crash course in getting around and using Zoom for faculty and staff.

Zoom live support

Get support from a CTET technologist during your first live session with students. We'll work with you and your students before your session begins to make sure everyone’s technology is working. And we'll provide basic troubleshooting help.

CTET orientation for program staff

This 90-minute session is offered one or two times per year, depending on demand. The format is part workshop, part meet-and-greet and part Q&A. It's an opportunity for program staff to learn about CTET, our team and the services that we offer to support program staff. Some of the topics covered include the CTET team and suite of services, technical terms (related to supporting Moodle courses), service levels, Agresso, Moodle task timelines, professional development opportunities offered by CTET and more.

WordPress start-up

In this 60-minute session you'll work with a member of our team to set up your own WordPress site. The session includes an orientation to editing and building your pages.

Custom workshops and on-demand training

Schedule on-demand training or create custom workshops for your Royal Roads school or program. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.