Program liaisons

In support of teaching excellence

CTET liaisons work with each school at Royal Roads University to design and facilitate great learning experiences for students.

Faculty members collaborate with our instructional designers and learning technologists to develop programs and courses. And, CTET liaisons connect professors and instructors to services and resources in support of curricula and teaching excellence.

Find your program or school to see which CTET team members to contact.


Instructional designer

Learning technologist

Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences

School of Communication and Culture

Nadia Kulikova (Graduate)
Donna-Marie Hamilton (Undergraduate)

Anthony Manning

School of Education & Technology

Donna-Marie Hamilton

Karyn Lemberg

School of Environment & Sustainability

Ken Jeffery (interim)

Jeremy Fuller

School of Humanitarian Studies

Zara Hossain

Zac Macdonald

School of Leadership Studies

Donna DesBiens

Tri Ningsih

College of Interdisciplinary Studies

All areas

Zara Hossain

Cathy Pretorius

Professional and Continuing Studies

All areas except Global Learning and Language Centre

Eric Bigrigg

Zac Macdonald (credit)
Tri Ningsih (non-credit)

Global Learning and Language Centre

Donna DesBiens

Jeremy Fuller

Faculty of Management

School of Business — undergraduate

Jason Keddie

Ignacio Estrella

School of Business — graduate

Jason Keddie

Ignacio Estrella

Doctor of Business Administration

Jason Keddie

Ignacio Estrella

School of Tourism & Hospitality Management

Nadia Kulikova

Anthony Manning