Thank an instructor or staff member

Life-changing impact

Students and grads can recognize the impact of a Royal Roads instructor or staff member by filling out a short, simple form. It's a quick and meaningful way to thank this person for having made a positive difference.

Did an instructor or staff member have a life-changing impact on you?

Fuel a passion? Point you in a new direction? Go above and beyond for you? Help you achieve success?

Though you'll submit your name on the form, you'll remain anonymous to the nominee.


Nominees receive a recognition letter from Royal Roads' Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies. And, their name will appear on our yearly instructor and staff member recognition list.

Thank you for taking the time to honour our instructors and staff members. Your gesture shows them their work has a meaningful impact on students.

Note: If you're an instructor or staff member wishing to nominate a colleague, you can do so through the Peacock Awards.

Recognize someone today

Preparing your nomination

On the nomination form, you'll be asked to describe the reason you're nominating this instructor or staff member.

To help you plan your response, here are samples from previous submissions:

"If it weren’t for his guidance, encouragement, tough love, and creative inspiration in the field of environmental education, there is no way I would have made it through my programs.”

“She poured herself into the curriculum providing an opportunity to really dive deep and explore the impacts of business; providing the breadth and depth required to address sustainability in the first place; I think how she approached the course is instrumental to the success of the program, so I thank her. She also took the time to address questions and provide valuable support both in and out of the classroom.”

“His time made a huge difference to me in the moment, as well as for my ongoing journey. He helped me get over the hump of fear and lack of confidence, helping me see myself as someone of value and capable of success.”

“She keeps us organized, is professional and knowledgeable and most important was a stable and calm person in a time that felt scary and uncertain. Not only did she consistently communicate via email but went out of her way to come and talk to us during residency and provide all the information she thought we might need to be successful. Her thoughtfulness, organization skills and professionalism and very, very, appreciated.”