Influence the complex environmental and climate challenges we face today.

This School of Environment and Sustainability webinar collection will journey you through trends related to sustainable systems, societies, communities, and organizations. Jump in and learn from leading environmental researchers who are focused on meeting these challenges, and find out how you can support and stimulate future conversations.  

Warm and Cold Data in Learning: Appreciating the Goldilocks Zone

We need both 'Warm' and 'Cold' data research. When we create an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum designed to help students develop both a more affective and personal connection to their studies as well as necessary empirical skills, this can further emphasize the importance of multiple ways of knowing and creates an opportunity for new science narratives that better understand the interrelationships of a complex, living system.

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Climate Science Resistance

Efforts to communicate environmental, scientific, or health issues to practitioners of fundamentalist communities that are resistant to science have been relatively underexplored. While the patterns and distribution of resistance to accept science is likely to be multi-factorial, resistance to medical and scientific authority seems to have a geographical range. It tends to coincide, in several instances, with the prevalence of practitioners of fundamentalist approaches to religion. 

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Why is Biodiversity Imperative?

Exploring and better understanding the intersectionality of biodiversity, climate change, and human health for improving local and regional planning and sustainable development is one of RRU’s research projects. In this session, we discuss intersectionality and nature-based solutions for addressing these critical human imperatives and we explore how to develop frameworks and practical tools that local and regional governments and practitioners can use to support efforts toward developing and fostering sustainable and resilient communities. 

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Sue Big Oil: A Climate Action Campaign of Accountability

In this panel discussion, we explore the bold and controversial Sue Big Oil campaign. Learn more about the ways in which this campaign is designed to give individual citizens and municipalities a way to engage in scalable, impactful climate action while heightening awareness and public debate about climate impacts and accountability. 

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Why is Regenerative Sustainable Community Development Necessary?

Never has sustainable community development been more important for human survival, never mind thriving. Listen in to the professors leading the revised launch of RRU’s Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Community Development, discussing approaches toward reconciling ecological, social, and economic imperatives at the local level. 

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The Heat Dome

Unprecedented and devastating wildfires and floods, noticeable changes in weather and seasons, and extreme heat events have affected the lives of millions of people. The economic, health, and social impacts of these events are enormous. This webinar explores the lessons learned from the heat dome of June 2021, and the changes we need to make to address future heat events and to be collectively resilient, moving forward. 

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Climate Psychology

A rich conversation on the need to have places and spaces where we can safely express a climate range of emotions for our health, resiliency, and a sense of belonging. 

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How Our Graduates Impact the World

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges of our time, and there is a growing need for environmental leaders and professionals to guide the science and policy of climate change, face future challenges and provide climate solutions.

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