Wanja Munaita

Master of Arts in Human Security and Peacebuilding

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The cohort allowed for deeper discussions to create a better understanding of the issues.

“The Human Security and Peace Building program from Royal Roads is shaping who I am becoming and the areas I choose to engage in, and I have grown because of the situations RRU has allowed me to experience.

During my research placement in Gulu, Northern Uganda, I began to understand the plight of women on my home continent. Having been oblivious to what being a woman in Africa really is, and how that translates in a post-conflict context, I realized I had been sheltered. My life in Canada helped me appreciate the differences faced by women in developing Africa, and understand the struggle for equality for all women. I was able to understand that being a woman means I am not considered first, but last in my society; my opportunities have been a sheer struggle because I was born a girl. Now I am aware of this, and I am working towards building capacity with men who will help women reach their full potential. For this I am grateful.”