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The Royal Roads Scholarship for Outstanding Children of International Alumni will be awarded through competition to international students who wish to pursue their education at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Ten awards of $2,000 will be open for competition each year to entering undergraduate students who prove the potential for academic excellence in the Canadian educational system.


  • a parent is an alumnus of an RRU program delivered overseas in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, or Taiwan
  • received as admissions offer to first year of an undergraduate program at RRU
  • achieved an outstanding Secondary School GPA
  • demonstrates exceptional potential for academic success at Royal Roads University by describing personal preparation for continuing education in Canada

How to apply

  • this Entrance Award is open to students will be active in their program after the deadline date
  • pending the availability of funding, the competition will run annually from:
    •     December 1st to February 1st
    •     March 1st to May 1st
    •     June 1st to August 1st
    •     September 1st to November 1st
  • applications are submitted online through MyAdmin.