Delivery Model

Bachelor of Business Administration in Innovation and Sustainability

How is the program designed?

This 16-month full-time, on-campus degree completion program (60 credits) is composed of four terms (15 credits each) that together cover the topics, theories, best practices, frameworks, and research associated with core business subjects.

Each term, you'll work in teams on at least two major projects. As a complement to each term’s project work, you’ll complete related subject-specific content modules through self-directed online study. You’ll be working with the latest tools and resources available and gaining insight based on evidence-based best practices. In all of your learning activities, you will be coached and supported by experienced project facilitators who will also assess your work.

To complete the projects, you’ll work in teams and engage in client and stakeholder meetings, fieldwork, and in-class workshops. You’ll identify, design, prototype, and develop concrete solutions for those clients and the local community. These projects will ensure that you can comprehensively apply subject-specific knowledge and build the skills you need for a career in business and social innovation.

Sample projects include:

  • Developing and testing prototypes for potential customer service design solutions based on primary and secondary research
  • Creating a stakeholder engagement strategy for a new product development and launch
  • Developing a plan to re-engineer operations to reduce inefficiency and carbon footprint
  • Performing a feasibility study and making recommendations for a proposed local for-profit/not-for-profit partnership aimed at increasing employment opportunities for local youth
  • Designing a marketing plan for an eco-conscious brand
  • Updating a company’s annual reporting process and documents — to give a transparent account of sustainability and community impact metrics as well as financial performance
  • Producing a documented case study of an exemplary sustainability initiative to submit to government

Completion options

  1. Capstone option. This option allows you to apply your learning from the program to a single integrative project. The Capstone option can be completed within a 16-month, four-term timeframe.
  2. Internship option. This option allows you to gain work experience working within an organization. Because the Internship option requires a significant set number of hours, it extends beyond 16-month completion into a fifth term.

Whatever completion option you choose, by the end of the program, you will have created a portfolio of project work that documents and showcases your learning and skillset in several categories.

Learn more about the BBA program's admission requirements. For more information about the program or how to apply, contact one of our enrolment advisors by email, or call 1.877.778.6227. If you are an international student, please contact our international enrolment team.