Delivery Model

Learning Model

The BBA with a specialization in Business and Sustainability is a 20-month program, made up of 60 credits. The program is designed to complete the third and fourth years of an undergraduate degree in an intensive, on-campus learning environment.

Pathway to the BBA

Your program starts with a two-week online component that is designed to prepare you for the RRU experience. In Pathway to the BBA, you will learn how to access our online learning platform where you will find your assignments, reading materials, and grades, as well as virtually meet the students in your cohort.

BBA Cornerstone and Foundational Courses

Your program will begin with a three-week foundational program, consisting of community-building activities combined with intensive sessions of Foundational Management Skills (FMS) and Foundations of Sustainability and International Business (FSIB). These core courses will provide you with the foundation upon which the rest of your program is based. The learnings you begin in FMS and FSIB will be further expanded in your second and third semesters, where you will have the opportunity to apply your theoretical understanding to real-world applications.

Core Coursework

Your four semesters on campus will find you furthering your understanding of the concepts and themes within sustainability and international business, enabling you to analyze these concepts and use them to explore international marketing, cross-cultural organizational behaviour, and environmental and corporate responsibility.