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Awarded by Academic Council to undergraduate degree students who are graduating "with distinction" from their program by having earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) that meets or exceeds the minimum standard listed below. This benchmark is an average of the minimum GPA of the top 10 percent for each program over the past three calendar years. This benchmark is updated at the beginning of each calendar year.

Honours or distinction is a system of differentiating top students graduating from undergraduate degree programs to acknowledge mastery of the subject. Graduate level students are all expected to achieve that level of mastery in order to receive a Master's or Doctoral degree so there is no distinction between graduates.


Undergraduate students graduating in 2023 will receive a President's Scholar Award if they meet or exceed, out of 4.33:

    Bachelor of Business Administration: 3.70

    BA in Global Tourism Management: 3.97

    BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: 4.04

    BA in International Hotel Management: 3.97
    BA in Justice Studies: 4.08
    BA in Professional Communication: 3.92

    BA/BSc in Environmental Practice:  4.08
    BCom in Entrepreneurial Management: 3.75
    BSc in Environmental Science: 4.07
    All other undergraduate programs: 3.95

Recipients of this award will be notified by email roughly four weeks before graduation.