Will Low


Program head, Bachelor of Business Administration (Year four)


Will Low is Professor of Sustainable Business Practice, having joined RRU in 2006 to provide leadership in developing courses in sustainability in the business school. Will is an internationally recognized for his research which has helped to define the field of fair trade studies. His research interests span sustainable consumption and production, including the fair trade movement, marketing to ethical consumers, labour rights, and alternative food networks.


Will has over 30 years experience teaching and conducting research across a variety of disciplines – economics, public policy, business and society, and sustainability. He has taught at universities in Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Australia, the USA and Thailand. Besides academic roles, he has also worked as a senior economist in the BC provincial government and as a consultant to international organizations such as Oxfam, the ILO and World Fair Trade Organization.


PhD in Economics

London School of Economics, UK

Fellow, International School for Economic Research

Università degli Studi di Siena and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy

Master of Arts in Economics

University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Arts in Economics (1st Class Honours)

University of British Columbia


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