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Varinder Badh


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Humanitarian Studies


Dr. Varinder Badh is a scholar-practitioner who has a keen interest in linguistics and perception in relation to social justice.  Badh is an expert in the subject of language around injuries and is particularly interested in the power of words, in shaping beliefs, impacting opinions and moulding thoughts. She is passionate about social justice and teaching using an interdisciplinary perspective. She is an active social justice advocate and passionate about injury prevention through mindful action. Varinder is particularly interested in the ways certain discourse causes people to negate particular behaviors as “fate”, “chance” or “will of god”. Badh relies on qualitative methodologies and leverages the insight of participatory research, authoethnography and critical epistemologies in her work.       


Badh has taught at several academic institutions in BC since 2007.  She has worked primarily at the undergraduate level, but also teaches and develops curricula for in-house training for government. Badh has published papers and actively participates in guest lectures at the University of Alberta, and the University of British Columbia. Badh has presented at various conferences and workshops on the findings from her research on discourse and perception. She has worked with the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service as an Intelligence Officer. At present, she manages the passenger transportation portfolio at the Ministry of Transportation with the BC government.


Badh holds a Doctorate of Social Sciences with distinction from Royal Roads University (2014), in Interdisciplinary Studies (Dissertation: “It is no accident that this is called an accident” Vehicular Negligence: A Socio-Legal Study of Crime, Law and Public Safety). She holds a Master of Arts from the Department of International Criminology, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK (Thesis: Youth Restorative Practices in Canada and England: An analysis of police-led conferencing, 2002), and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Sociology from Simon Fraser University (2000). Badh has been a recipient of several awards and scholarships.