Terry Power

Professor , Intellectual Lead


Terry Power is a professor of strategic and advanced international studies. He’s a published columnist with several well-adopted texts. Power sits on various national boards, including The Knowledge Management Institute of Canada, the Comprehensive Security Studies Group, and The Academic Board of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies. He frequently undertakes consulting assignments for the public and private sectors and has been the keynote speaker at many national conferences.

In 2019-20 Power donated $100,000 to Royal Roads University for the construction of the Terry Power Outdoor Classroom.

Power is currently pursuing a breadth of research interests. His work “Through the Looking Glass: The Internet of Things” examines the dark side of data security, data sovereignty, data censorship and data privacy. His research interests also include, “United States of America’s Political Ideology and Cultural Shift Since 9/11: Implications for Canada” and “My Thoughts Regarding Apologizing for Colonialism and my White Privilege".




Power is a Wharton Fellow from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2008, he was invited to join the Oxford Round Table, held at the Harris Manchester College at Oxford University. He is also the Board Chair of Anchorage Investments Inc (2014). Power was selected by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business as a “Professor to Stock” at Royal Roads.

Power is an inductee in the Order of St. John (Officer Grade) and was awarded a Special Services Medal (European, Middle East Theaters) and a Canada Forces Defence Decoration and Clasp.

Publications in the Business Edge News Magazine:

  • Canadians using underground tax route (Oct. 13, 2005)
  • There's no place like home for retread budgets (Sep. 29, 2005)
  • Open skies will work if U.S. stays onside (Sep.22, 2005)
  • Artificially high gas prices stalling economy (Sep. 1, 2005)
  • Corporate ethical crises eroding public trust (Aug. 18, 2005)
  • Academics need clearer focus for business (Aug. 4, 2005)
  • Counterterrorism security a growth sector (July 21, 2005)
  • 'Indian industry' no friend to First Nations (July 7, 2005)
  • Business advocates go to bat for all of us (June 23, 2005)


Doctor of Business Administration (International Management, Strategic Management)

Asia Pacific International University, California

Advanced Diploma in International Management and Marketing

Asia Pacific International University, New Zealand

Master of Business Administration

Asia Pacific University, New Zealand

Master of Public Administration

Dalhousie University

Canadian Securities Course

Canadian Securities and Investment Dealers Association of Canada

Bachelor of Laws

Dalhousie Law School, Dalhousie University

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science/Economics

St. Mary's University

Staff School

Canadian Forces Land Staff College, Kingston


Strategic Thinking Concepts. CD ROM in support an on-line conference held by the Women’s Enterprise Society of BC (2003). Marketed the Strategic Thinking Concepts CD-ROM.

 “Canada’s arctic sovereignty: Canadian business’ geopolitical and economic risk”. (2014) (see http://www.amazon.com/Canadas-Arctic-Sovereignty-Canadian-Interdependence-ebook/dp/B00IK2Y9HU )

 “International Business: A Canadian Perspective”. Thompson Nelson Publishers. (2008) (600-page business text) see www.power.nelson.com

 “Power’s Student Case Study Analysis and Writers’ Handbook”. (2008) Thompson Nelson Publishers, see http://www.powerguide.nelson.com/.

2013 InstSIS/IAABR – Key West International Multidisciplinary Academic Conferences Theme: Promoting Global Progress and Excellence in Academia. Section Chair and presented a paper. Published: “Canada’s arctic sovereignty: Canadian Business Geopolitical and Economic Risk” in the Journal of Strategic and International Studies. Vol.  V111 Number 1 2013. At pages 179-212

Association for Global Business, Global Conference, Orlando.  Session Chair and presented a paper (2009). Received First Place Award from Peers. Paper Published.

Presented a paper at the Oxford Round Table, held at Harris Manchester College, Oxford University (2008). “Canada opposes the united nations’ declaration of 2007 recognizing the rights of indigenous peoples: is Canada’s strident opposition an anomaly or a symptom of a troubling transformational shift in Canadian values.”