Susanne Green

Associate faculty

Humanitarian Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies

Literacy, safety, community and identity are common themes interwoven in Dr. Susanne Green’s work in criminal justice, education, teaching and research. She is a writing and research consultant with more than 15 years of writing, research and teaching experience in Canada and the U.S. in diverse fields such as sociology, justice, public administration and English. The backbone of any class Green teaches is the goal that students learn to critically and thoughtfully engage issues that are current, personal, social and rooted in discourse. She considers the classroom a prime location for the creative process of the “discovery” of knowledge. Experiential learning guides her pedagogy as students engage in real-world projects appropriate for their course of study. Whether building community online or face-to-face, Green includes multimedia components in each class.


Green works within a collaborative model and has worked on projects in the field of policing, unmanned aerial vehicles, education, health and writing program administration funded by diverse agencies such as the National Institute of Justice, Office of the Directorate of National Intelligence, Bureau of Indian Affairs, National Science Foundation in the United States as well as Healthy Schools B.C.


PhD in English (Rhetoric and Professional Communication)

New Mexico State University

Master of Arts in Sociology

University of Texas at El Paso

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in Women's Studies

University of Texas at El Paso

Adult Probation Officer Program

Justice Institute of B.C.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certificate

Crisis Prevention Institute