Shawn Y. Holmes

Associate faculty

Leadership Studies

Embodied mindfulness meditation

Adult education

Trauma-sensitive and culturally info

Dr. Shawn Y. Holmes is a mother, educator and a consultant. She creates and facilitates science-based mindfulness programs for organizations. Her work moves mindfulness from conceptual understandings to embodied practices and direct experiences.

Shawn has 30 years of experience across the education spectrum as a secondary science teacher, university professor, corporate trainer, and teacher educator and mentor for beginning teachers. Leveraging her professional and personal journeys Shawn’s approach is learner-centric, anti-racist, compassionate and trauma-sensitive. After being a dentist, science teacher and university professor, Shawn founded The YOU in you Consulting Inc., weaving the essence of her being and ancestry into inclusive, fair and empathetic consulting practices.

Her DMD, MA in multicultural education, PhD in science education and teacher certifications in mindfulness meditation are the foundation of her expertise. Shawn knows that embodied mindfulness programs are necessary to create accountable spaces that cultivate resilience so we can disengage from behaviours that support the oppression of ourselves and others, and instead turn us toward creating thriving, systemically diverse and equitable spaces.


Shawn has experience as a consultant, co-creating with clients in adult education, mindfulness meditation and change management. As a senior consultant she has experience as lead researcher, creating an inclusive, welcoming onboarding program for a rapidly growing division of 100 employees.

Shawn is a mindfulness meditation teacher and mentor. Mindfulness Mentoring and Affinity Sessions are an integral part of each program. As a mentor, she supports participants and answers their questions throughout the program. Affinity Sessions support and uplift the experiences of systemically marginalized groups by co-regulating with others and being aware of personal experiences in a social context.

Memberships and Committees

Shawn is a member of the Advanced trauma-sensitive mindfulness (TSM) community and a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Alumni.


Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification

Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley

Personal Sound Meditation Teacher Certification

The Chopra Center

PhD in Science Education

North Carolina State University

Master of Arts in Multicultural Education

Eastern University

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry


Best paper award nominee

National Association Research in Science Teaching International Conference

National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellow for Science Education


Best poster award

Association for Moral Education International Conference


Research interest

Creating racially equitable spaces in healthcare

Experiences of racially and gender diverse populations in healthcare

The effects of compassion and mindfulness in wellness programs for racially and gender d


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