Shandell Houlden

Associate faculty

Environment & Sustainability

Shandell Houlden is an interdisciplinary cultural theorist, writer and communication specialist. Her work uses feminist, creative and anti-colonial methods to examine topics in internet and media studies as well as education technology. With an expertise in social and environmental justice, she publishes across disciplines, including in education, health communication, and media studies, and teaches using flexible and open design to facilitate equitable access to learning.


Houlden is a postdoctoral researcher at Royal Roads. Her work focuses on COVID-19 misinformation and health communication strategies, as well as education futures in a post-COVID-19 and climate emergency world. She is a volunteer member with the Sooke Climate Action Committee as well as a volunteer with local nature connection communities that work with both youth and adults, which inform her practices as an educator.



PhD in English and Cultural Studies

McMaster University

Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing

Humber College

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

University of British Columbia (Okanagan)

BA in Creative Writing

University of British Columbia (Okanagan)


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