Scott Dunham

Associate faculty

Environment & Sustainability

Dr. Scott Dunham teaches in the areas of philosophy and religious studies with particular attention to environmental ethics and the idea of nature in the history of Western thought, and more generally in the area of ethics. He also teaches classical and medieval thought. His research interests currently revolve around the idea that beauty is the starting point for ethics, and that natural beauty is the basic experience from which notions of beauty arise. He is working on a book about this subject and will include Aldo Leopold as one of its important figures.



Dunham teaches at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University in Fredericton, and has worked on policy research as an ethicist, notably in fisheries policy. Dunham has been published by SUNY Press and various academic journals.


PhD in Religious Studies

McMaster University

Master of Arts in Theology

Acadia University

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy

University of New Brunswick