S. Kate Ploeger

Associate faculty

Humanitarian Studies

Kate Ploeger's primary research focus is centred in aspects of earthquake risk. She is a pioneer in the international application of the HAZUS methodology and her work in earthquake loss estimations has fostered earthquake awareness and preparedness across eastern Ontario. During her post-doctoral work, she helped develop the Rapid Risk Evaluation tool, which, among other things, provides near-real time earthquake loss estimations.

Recently, Ploeger has extended her research into the policy realm where she continues to work closely with Public Safety Canada. Her recent projects have looked at the Canadian hazardscape and mitigation strategies, and national risk.


As an educator, Ploeger has shared her knowledge of earthquake risk alongside local, provincial and federal partners, on the international stage as well as in public lecture, television and radio.

She’s taught several senior-level undergraduate courses at the University of Ottawa, and has helped in the development of the Bachelor of Public Safety program at Algonquin College.

Much of her appreciation for practical-based decision support was garnered by her early experience as a volunteer firefighter.


PhD and post-doctoral fellowship

University of Ottawa


Carleton University

Bachelor's of Earth Surface Science, minor in GIS and Environmental Analysis

University of Guelph


HAZUS User of the Year Award