Robin Mueller

Program head, Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration & Leadership

Associate professor

Education & Technology programs
Portrait of Robin Mueller

Dr. Robin Mueller joined Royal Roads University in the summer of 2022 as the program head for the Master of Arts in Higher Education Education Administration and Leadership. She also teaches in the program, drawing on decades of experience in the higher education sector to inform her teaching practice.

Robin’s areas of expertise and research interests include higher education leadership, the scholarship of teaching and learning, decolonizing higher education and strategic planning for social justice outcomes. 


Robin worked for more than a decade in various student services roles at the University of Saskatchewan.  During her time there, she helped to develop and implement one of Canada’s first “one stop” student service hubs, participated as an early implementer of community service learning in several credit courses, and initiated many innovations in the area of supporting student transitions to university. 

Following the completion of her PhD, Robin then served as a tenured faculty member at the University of Calgary’s Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. There her work centered around building capacity for excellence in teaching and learning practices across campus.

Robin has also worked as a consultant in higher education, where she had the opportunity to apply her passion for developing planning frameworks in a post-secondary context.    


PhD, Educational Administration

University of Saskatchewan

Masters, Adult and Continuing Education

University of Saskatchewan

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theater Performance)

University of Saskatchewan


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